In two separate incidents, two children aged two years drowned in the national Capital on Tuesday. While the girl drowned in a drain, the boy drowned in a bucket.In the first incident reported from northwest Delhi’s Wazirpur area, a two-year old boy, identified as Aditya, drowned after accidentally falling in to a bucket full of water at home. The child’s mother had gone to a neighbour’s house while his father was sleeping inside at the time. The bucket was kept at the end of a small staircase, The child was playing near the staircase. It appears he slipped and landed in the bucket face down. Aditya’s father woke up after a while to find him motionless in the bucket.In another incident, a two-year-old girl died after falling into a drain outside an east MCD school in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur area. She was identified as Srishti.According to the police, the incident took place around 8 am.At the time, her father had gone to the school to drop his eldest daughter. He left Srishti outside the school gate, standing on a slab. Reportedly, the slab slipped and the girl fell into the drain. A student from the school saw her falling in and raised an alarm. By the time Srishti was taken out, she had died.Manish, a vendor who generally puts up his stall in the area, said: “We all come in the afternoon to set up our carts in the Maujpur Sabzi Mandi. By the time we came, the incident was over.”

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2 city toddlers drown in separate incidents