A panther strayed into a house in a village near Chomu town on Tuesday afternoon creating panic in the village. Although no person was attacked by the feline, the mere presence of a panther in the village not only made the locals curious to see the feline but also posed problem in its rescue. Moreover, even after being informed about the panther’s presence in the village, the forest department’s rescue team reached after two and half hours.According to the officials the panther entered the house of one Mangi Lal Bagra, a farmer from Barna village, near Chomu town.“Around 12 noon, a few villagers saw a panther venturing out from the nearby fields and forested area and towards the village. The news about the feline spread like wildfire in the village and a few youths saw the feline again near a school,” officials said.On hearing commotion by the villagers, the panther tried to flee from one part of the village, however on reaching towards another end of the village and seeing more people, the panther entered a house belonging to Mangi Lal.“As the panther entered the house, people living in the house rushed out from another part of the building, however, they closed the doors behind thus locking the panther in one part. Meanwhile hundreds of people assembled at the spot to look at the feline,” officials said.The police was informed which then informed the forest department. “After a delay of two and a half hours the rescue team finally reached the spot and tranquilized the animal. Although the rescue efforts took nearly three hours, the animal was finally tranquilized,” official said.Meanwhile the forest officials found that the panther is a four-year-old male with no injuries. “Check up was conducted as per protocol and the feline was found to be healthy. It has been kept under observation and will be released soon, ” said Arvind Mathur, Veterninary doctor, Forest department.

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4-yr-old panther enters farmer’s house in Rajasthan