<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>You all must be anxiously waiting for November 24 – the release date of your film?Arbzaaz Khan: Ofcourse, there is excitement before release of every film…but we are happy, we have worked hard… now waiting for the reponse of public.How the movie is special for you?Sunny: I was quite excited after reading the script…I have tried hard to keep up the expectations of my director…I hope audience will enjoy watching the way we enjoyed working…the sales will be in line with the views.How excited you are for it?Rajeev: We have been working on this project for 18 months … we are hoping for the bestTeaser is a hit, does it indicate anything?Sunny: People watch teaser on social media and You Tube, I hope the number of hits on social media would translate into viewership of the movie… hope that the sale of tickets will be in line with the number of viewsYou are considered Queen of social media… what is the response keeping that in mind?Sunny: Not a Queen but as an entertainer, we should reach out to all kinds of markets…social media has a far reach for youth… I think I am good here.What is the basic concept of the film?Rajeev: This is a musical romantic thriller… it has got all kinds of elements.Why did you think of casting Sunny?Arbaz: I was excited doing this movie because the script was interesting… I got interested as Sunny was in the film… sometimes you do films due to script and sometime because of star cast…I knew Rajiv for long time… He was assistant of Mukul Sir… He is doing debut… He came with complete preparation…You had said somewhere that you want to spend some time with Sunny?Arbaz: Yes, this is right…film comes and goes… but people, acquaintance and friendship lives forever…Sunny is a magical personality… Yes…I am also excited…We have the same style of having fun.. We both enjoyed working with each other…Yes there were never dull moments on the sets.You are known as the most glamorous face of the industry… what do you think about it?Sunny: I look at every movie according to script and character… there is glamour in every film… that’s why we get excited about artists, singer sand actors…we want to be like them… this is glamour in one or the other form.When you go out from Mumbai, crowd go out of control…law and order situation arises…you get threatening calls also?Sunny: Police does its job well…the issue of calls is an old… that was not a big deal.You are very beautiful that is your problem (JC to Sunny). Arbaz, What is your role in this movie?Arbaz: I am playing a businessman in this movie who is fond of painting…he has a dream woman in his mind… he keeps on thinking about her…he draws her and paints her… when he meets her then he show her his world… she gets surprised… a little bit of romance and then there is a twist… he goes missing… she tries to find her…the film Tera Intezaar is all about the problems she faces… whether he comes back or not.Sunny what is your role?Sunny: Like Arbaz has said, when I saw his paintings in the movie my character falls in love with him… she loves him like crazy… one day he goes missing… then she tries to find him and get him at the end.Tell me something about Barbie Doll?Sunny: We started shoot of this movie through this song…I become a man in this song…this is something different for me…I ramp walked in that character.Was it different than Munni Bai of Dabangg?Arbaz: Yes totally different…songs of a film has great value before and after the release of movie… I think people to go to theatre because of songs also.I have learnt that you are planning for Dabangg -3 and you may cast Sunny?Arbaz: Yes I am planning Dabangg -3 … Yes if there is any role suitable to her then she will definitely be there… Yes if Sunny is there, it will be good. I will like to habve that song which can can change the personality…Yes at the end of it, whether we work together or not, friendship is important.You are a family member of Salman, how do you rate him as an actor?Arbaz: He is a good actor. He has grown with every movie… In last one decade he has worked well… Wanted, Sultan, Dabangg and his last movie…great work.Is he alone these days…?Arbaz: Where ever he is, he wants to be there … if you are talking about marriage then he is not alone…he is with his family, family loves him… if you talking about his partner then he is fully covered on that aspect… everyone knows, he was not ready for marriage… he knows the seriousness of marriage…perhaps he is not sure of that lady or not ready himself… this is his decision… if you are eligible for marriage, it doesn’t mean that you have to get married …this will be his decision…What is your views on morality and hypocrisy in the country?Sunny: This is everywhere..whether India or US…this is human nature …they judge you whether you want or not…Are you happy with the response from public?Sunny: I am very happy…I am happy by getting so much love and affection from friends and fans…this is a secular country… people love youArbaz: This is totally a democratic country…Yes if you can inspire people the face of the country will change differently. How do you find Narendra Modi as a person?Arbaz: We all support him… he won the elections because his is everyone’s choice, he became PM…. he will bring changes, this is what I believeSunny: Yes he is allowing businesspersons of different countries and companies to India.. he is doing great things… Whatever I know, I like him

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