How Modi-Shah succeeded in Gujarat?The face of Modi and booth management of Amit Shah…were the biggest reasons for the success. Besides, two more factors contributed – division of Muslim votes and fielding non Patidars against Patidars…they weaved strategy in such a way that they could succeed in forming government for straight six times.How Modi-Shah turned the table in the last leg?They encashed two statements – one that of Kapil Sibal relating to Ram Mandir and the other statement of Manishankar Aiyar. They also encashed issue of Manmohan Singh meeting with Pakistani Ambassador. Public believed that meeting with Pakistani had happened. What transpired what not… it’s different issue. These issues set the gameplan for BJP in the last round.How Congress lost it at the last in Gujarat?We won’t say that Congress missed it but Congress miscalculated in Surat…Congress had great expectations from Surat…but BJP in a smart move sent its senior leaders to campaign in Surat who directly communicated with businessmen and traders and reached to a settlement saying that in future government may give major relaxations. As a result, out of 12 urban seats BJP clinched 11. Congress’ bigwigs lost elections from Surat…Shakti Singh was defeated…third factor was division of Muslim votes. These factors summed up the defeated of Congress.Had Mayawati and Sharad Pawar helped BJP win Gujarat?Definitely, fielding of candidates by Sharad Pawar and Mayawati helped BJP…and it is said that people of Mayawati and Sharad Pawar were given list of candidates o be fielded in Gujarat elections by the higher-ups in BJP. That could be the reason why Congress lost on at least 10 seats where they could have won.Why there were speculations of introducing new CM in place of Rupani?The other party says that those speculations were baseless…this was pre decided that if BJP wins the duo of Rupani-Patel will be at the helm… and that has happened…there is no chance of any change of guard.Why women get less tickets in Gujarat?This is quite saddening. Everyone talks about women empowerment…but Congress and BJP both gave only 10-12 tickets each. The percentage of women candidates was very low. Why Muslim candidates got less support from public in Gujarat?25-30 Muslim candidates contested the elections…but they got less vote percentage. Even in Muslim dominated areas, the percentage was less. This a an issue investigationAfter results, why Rahul Gandhi visited Somnath temple again?By visiting Somnath temple, Rahul Gandhi sent a message that even after losing elections, he will continue with the agenda of soft-Hindutva. He looks to be trying to snatch away Hindutva agenda from Modi.What are the economic and political lessons for Modi from Gujarat elections?The biggest lesson is political – You can’t take Gujarat for granted any more…second takeaway is that at any cost he will have to handle the resentment which has occurred among traders and businessmen due to demonetisation and GST. He has given several relaxations in GST in Guwahati and he will have to dole out more. Besides, Aadhar will not be linked to Real Estate…government is becoming flexible and in coming days we may see more relaxations in the policy of government and business class gets more relief.Will government administer amendments in the current economic policies?There will certainly be some amendments…Modi-Shah-Jaitley will sit together to discuss what reforms can be done in policies without compromising its anti corruption stand.Will Bhupendra Yadav get charge of Karnataka?I am completely convinced that Yadav is the discovery of Amit Shah. Yadav is from Ajmer and never went to any English School but speaks and writes English very well… makes great strategies…Amit Shah picked him …he was associated with Bihar elections, Maharashtra polls, made incharge of Gujarat where BJP won and now he will be sent to Karnataka. After that he will be sent to Rajasthan…certainly Yadav is discovery of Shah.What is the role of RSS in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh?RSS is the reality in the life of BJP…its estimation is correct…RSS had estimated about Gujarat that BJP may win only 64 seats…now it has warned BJP of 2019 elections that BJP may get 40-50 less seats in North India, so focus on East and South…RSS has a comprehensive role. Will Rahul-Hardik partnership remain intact till 2019?Grossly, it looks like that they will remain together till 2019…they may have difference on opinion on an issues in coming times…hardik patel can say that Congress should give post of leader of opposition to a Patidar…Hardik is a moody person but still they looks to remain together.Will Gujarat government send Hardik to jail on any of the issues?It can’t be called vindication but law will take its course…Vijay rupani had said that if BJP forms government, legal action will be taken against him.Why Om Mathur who knows the pulse of Gujarat was not seen active?There is a great contribution of Om Mathur in elections…he had been in the team of Modi-Shah… I think he has become little inactive and disheartened.. and it’s but natural. BJP is in power for 4 years but he could not get anything.What would be the political implications of the acquittal of 2G accused?Congress and DMK gained a lot in terms of public perception..Karunanidhi and his party are the biggest beneficiary…Congress has got an issue against BJP and it may make this an election issue in 2019.What would be the political impact of the conviction of Lalu?There would be little impact on the movement of Lalu…I think this could become a sympathy factor in 2019 elections…this decision has borne a negative impact on Lalu but there will be hardly any impact on the lifestyle of Lalu. He will issue statements from jail and lead agitation from there.Will Congress make election issue out of court decisions on 2G and fodder scams?Congress will definitely leverage on 2G issue…Congress will definitely fan this issue before 2019 elections. Eventually Congress has gained from this decision. What would be the impact of these results on the outcome of coming assembly elections?There is a feel good factor for Rahul Gandhi in states where assembly elections are due. Rahul Gandhi has started speaking well…it will boost morale of workers in the states…but it can’t be said that Congress will be able to form governments in these states.

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A dialogue with JC: Gujarat results change game plan of Congress & BJP