<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The biggest untold story of recent times is: Who or what is behind the resurgence (some calling it resurrection) of Mr Rahul Gandhi? From a foreign entity lurking in the Western Hemisphere to an unnamed genius working from a Lutyens’ bungalow to that distant laboratory which had injected an alloy into Logan to turn him into Wolverine — all possibilities are being considered, all angles being probed. In the midst of this worldwide hunt, the only person being largely ignored is the subject himself: Rahul Gandhi.So, what has changed in Rahul Gandhi? A more confident body language, well-written speeches with better delivery, sharper political timing and greater connect with the people. But is that all? No. What has actually changed for the Congress scion is that he is no longer the scion, he is now the Congress — pushed to the wall with no way out but forward. Years of being roasted, lampooned, ridiculed and criticised have helped add that right amount of thickness to his skin so essential for an Indian politician.There has also been another change with which Rahul doesn’t have much to do. It has to do with us. We have started looking at him differently, actually listening to what he has to say, separating him from his crushing legacy and lineage. He is being seen as an individual for the first time in his life – and that is a change far greater than his so-called “image makeover”.Public sentiments are short-lived. So, the window is narrow (in Rahul’s case, it is also the only one in the room). If he does not seize this opportunity to become his own politician, he will disappear like a hashtag that didn’t trend.However, Rahul Gandhi has an example to learn from – an individual who underwent the worst form of political trial-by-fire. It was lonely, more painful, with no shelter or sanctuary available… even among his own. Hence, his transformation or evolution was far greater. That gentleman is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.From his biggest rival, Rahul should learn how to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of derogation. And more importantly, how to keep flying…(The author is editor-in-chief of DNA)

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A ‘Resurgent Rahul’, but will he last?