<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Q: What is National Conference’s response to the appointment of Dineshwar Sharma as the interlocutor for Kashmir?A: As far as I’m concerned as the president of the party, it is good that an interlocutor has been appointed but I have a question for government of India. What about the earlier reports of the interlocutors which lie with the Centre. What has happened to those reports. Late Padgaonkar ji and three committees which were made and gave the reports, what happened to them? Why don’t they put them before the Parliament?Q: Why weren’t these reports implemented. You were part of the UPA?
ALSO READ Big challenge, will work with an open mind, says Kashmir interlocutor Dineshwar SharmaA: We did say and always asked as to why these reports aren’t being implemented. Now that government has gone and now you have a present government. Governments may go but things are there. Here is a government which says that they are working for the people and I would be delighted if they open those books and put them before the Parliament.Q: Do you feel that successive talks without implementation of the recommendations added fuel to the fire?
ALSO READ J&K peace talks: How the past interlocutors and groups failed to break any deadlock A: Absolutely. They spent two years in the state, visiting Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir and met every single person including Hurriyat and compiled the report. It is there in the Home Ministry. For God’s sake, bring it out. Q: Why did the government sat on the report?
ALSO READ Appointment of interlocutor will not impact army’s operation in Jammu and Kashmir: Bipin RawatA: I think, you should ask Manmohan Singh as to why anything wasn’t done. Q: Has the present government taken note of the reports ?A: I don’t know. Please put this question to home minister Rajnath Singh. He will be able to answer.Q: Is it mandatory to speak with Pakistan? Hurriyat has made an issue out of it.A: Frankly I don’t think that interlocutor can discuss with Pakistan. Discussion with Pakistan will have to be by government of India and at levels they chose to do so. Whether it is Home Minister or Prime Minister it is for them to decide. They have a part of Jammu and Kashmir with them and it cannot be ignored. Q: Does the appointment show that muscular approach doesn’t work with people?A: Absolutely. Doval’s doctrine has failed. His doctrine was to beat them to the ground and do everything you can to suppress them. Every theory has failed. They thought that with demonetization, militancy would disappear, it is at the highest level today. What have they achieved? Nothing. Our tourism has died. It is at zero. Nobody bothered.Q: What would you like the interlocutor to do?A: I don’t know who is he going to engage with. Home Minister tried to engage with every national party except the Hurriyat. No Home Minister didn’t talk to Hurriyat. I don’t know what a retired civil servant would be able to achieve. Q: Wouldn’t it provide a buffer to mainstream parties like yours? Workers of mainstream parties have been attacked by terrorists?A: We have had this happen from 1989. Our workers and leaders have been targeted. No one cared about it. We will face the brunt but we will not disappear. We will be here. Q: What has been the cause of the present unrest where civil institutions are failing to function normally?A: One is the government of BJP and PDP. It has been the greatest misery that have been inflicted on the people of this state. it really put petrol on the fire and our neighbour utilised it to the best as it could.Q: Are you saying that BJP-PDP is an unnatural alliance?A; I’m not the only person who has said this. Ask anyone on the street and they will tell you.Q: BJP has said that this is not the first-time unrest has taken place. Worse unrest have taken place in past. A: They failed in everything so where does the blame lie? Q: Present Army Chief has spoken about the success of Army’s approach in the valley. A: I think Army chief should restrict himself to the matters of the Army. He should look after the borders of India rather than talking about other things. It doesn’t augur well for him. Q: Has politics of nationalism vs anti nationalism affected the political discourse in valley?A: Who are anti nationals? If people ask for their rights, do they become anti nationals? If they want to speak truth, do they become anti national? We gave the autonomy resolution to Vajpayee, was that anti national? It is in the Constitution of India. I don’t understand what is meant by anti national. If they want to smash the pride of the people then they are not going to succeed.Q: Kashmir too at one end has not been accommodative. Pandits have not been able to return.A: Who is responsible for Pandits not going back? All mainstream parties and Hurriyat welcomed them. We asked them to come back. There are Pandits living in the Valley. They didn’t migrate. It is for the others and make a move and come home. It is as much as their home as it is my home. They must make move.Q: Is 35 A an issue in Kashmir?A: If it wasn’t a big issue, even PDP wouldn’t have been shouting against it. It is a major issue in the valley. Q: Have you spoken about this issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi?A: Many people have asked and I would say that I have spoken to him and if the situation arise I would speak to him again. I have no problem in speaking to the Prime Minister Modi.Q: Where does the solution lie?A: Heal the wounds of the people and not by force and arrests that are being done and talk to Pakistan. Talk to them or else it will continue to happen. Only talking to Delhi will not make slightest difference. I remember Vajpaye’s words. Friends can be changed but not neighbours. We either live in harmony with neighbour and both progress or live in animosity and both suffer. These are the golden words. There is always an opportunity for finding a peaceful solution and I think PM has the courage to do so and if he takes that step he can make a difference but only to India and to the sub continent and world peace.Q: Does Kashmir miss Vajpayee? Do you miss Vajpayee?A: We all miss Vajpayee. India misses him. He is still alive. He is a great leader.Q: So where is the hope for peace?A: I just hope that government of India takes the step to bring peace to the valley. They say that hope lies life and if one loses hope one would lose life. I hope for peace and prosperity not only for Kashmir but for the whole country. Q: Arrests by NIA also show that Pakistan is funding separatism and terror network?A: Nobody will mind if those arrests prove that money came from Pakistan and they used it. But the longer you hold them in prison and hold them longer and longer then people wouldn’t believe you and would feel that they are being pushed for saying things. They feel that there is nothing in it.Q: Are you saying that investigations must conclude quickly?A: Yes, it must and quicker and better. It must be fast paced. It should be revealed to the people of India.


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