<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Following multiple instances where retired Army jawans in Assam were asked to prove their Indian citizenship, the Ministry of Home Affairs has told the state government that the ration card can be used to update data in the National Register of Citizens.The ministry in a letter to NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela has said that the ration card is to be treated as a valid ‘supporting document’ for the purpose of citizenship update, which is due on December 31.The letter also stated that while village panchayat certificates will not be considered valid until the Supreme Court rules on it, the ration card is can be accepted for the purpose.”While approving modalities dated March 13, 2015, the list of documents that were admissible, which were to be enclosed by each applicant was also approved. The list contained two supporting documents –ration cards and Gaon Panchayat certificates, issued by the Secretary of Village Panchayat. It is clarified that all documents as appearing on March 13, 2015, except Gaon Panchayat certificates, which is sub-judice, are valid documents.”The ministry’s latest move will bring relief to those refugees who entered Assam and were given shelter, ration cards by the erstwhile Congress government.The letter also said that that careful scrutiny and thorough investigation is done before disposing applications based on ration cards in accordance with Citizenship Rules of 2003.The letter said, “As far as linkage is concerned, all legally admissible documents may be accepted.”WHAT PROMPTED THE MOVEThe Home Ministry wrote to the state government following reports of retired Army jawans being asked to prove their nationality
The Centre said that the ration card is a valid ‘supporting document’ to update the National Register of Citizens
Citizens have to update their details before Dec 31

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Assam told to accept ration card to update citizen data