<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>On the evening of November 26, 2008, Amrita Raichand, a well-known model was celebrating her birthday at the Taj Mahal hotel. But little she did expect the turn of events. Raichand’s in-laws and husband were at Wasabi, the Japanese restaurant at the hotel, and were joined by a family friend who was staying at the Taj. Everyone survived.”For the next few years, I couldn’t even get myself to celebrate or consider this day as anything but the day for mourning. But as time went by, the pain eased out a bit and one learnt to move on believing that I lucked out despite being stuck at the Taj all night,” said Raichand”I have learnt that one should never take one’s family and friends for granted because when the chips are down they are the ones who will stay up the entire night praying for you,” said Raichand.”After that night, I decided to make each day of my life worth living. I wanted to do something with my life that does not only benefit me, but also the lives of others. A year later, I decided to quit acting and become a full-time chef who specialises not just in cooking good food but healthy food, especially for children. My journey since then has been quite spectacular, to say the least. I value my life a lot more, and also my friends and family,” saidRaichand.

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Attack transformed model Amrita Raichand’s life