<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> State-run media in China said Tuesday that if the Narendra Modi?led Government in India continues to ignore the warning coming from a situation spiraling out of control in the Doklam region, Beijing would activate unavoidable counter-measures to restore its right over territory. Describing China as a powerful neighbor, the state-run Global Times said, ?The border standoff has stretched out for nearly two months. The world has seen China treasure peace and understands the causes of the issue. During this period, the Chinese public has gradually adapted to the risks and uncertainties their country faces and believes the Chinese government has the authority to solve the crisis through all possible means.? Reiterating that New Delhi has failed to learn lessons from the 1962 war with China and is again underestimating Beijing?s ability to counter and strike, the daily in its editorial said, ?Of course, China doesn’t want to risk a war and hopes that peace could return and China and India can get along well. But if Indian troops continue to linger on Chinese soil, it will be quite another matter.? ?Fifty-five years have passed, but the Indian government is as na?ve as it ever was. The lessons of the 1962 war didn’t last for half a century. Usually, no government dares to offend a powerful neighbor. Now all Indian people know that their troops have trespassed on the territory of another country, although New Delhi claims that it is a disputed area between China and Bhutan. As the risk of war is rising, Indian public opinion has become clear that Indian troops cannot defeat the Chinese People’s Liberation Army,? it said. The Global Times editorial further warns that, ?It seems that New Delhi does not comprehend the nature of the Sino-US rivalry and the meaning of strategic containment. It thinks Washington can influence the situation along the China-India border simply by issuing a pro-India statement or sending warships to the Indian Ocean.? ?India has lost in both the legal and moral sense. It also lacks strength compared with China. The outcome of the standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in the Doklam area is fixed. China has not resorted to a war because it hopes New Delhi can make a rational choice rather than China daring not to take action. If New Delhi really keeps the faith that China will not take military action under any circumstances, then, its analysis is not based on the principles of international politics and military science,? it concludes.(This article has not been edited by DNA’s editorial team and is auto-generated from an agency feed.)

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Beijing will counter India if it ignores Doklam warning: Global Times @ 8/8/2017 3:05:20 PM