The Central intelligence agencies has alerted the defence establishments in the country stating Pakistan-based Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is spotting talents amongst the defence personnel from Army, Navy and Air Force who are pursuing in National Defence College (NDC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The are trying to allure potential Indian officers to work for them and for that are using their “young and female recruits in Bangladesh”.Sources in the agencies also alerted that ISI has also directed their young and female recruits not to shy away from getting married with the Indian defence forces cadets pursuing in the National Defence Courses eventually. According to the intelligence agencies, a few of the ISI female recruits who have been given this task are from Bangladesh colleges and fluent in Bengali, Hindi and English language. These female recruits are also sent to the US and UK for carrying out further studies and return and trap young Indian defence forces cadets. “ISI female staff are stationed near Pallabi, journalist residential areas, Mohammadia Society, Palash Nagar, and not far away from Mirpur Bangla High School and College, Bangladesh University of Business technologies and etc in Dhaka,” sources said.Sources also said that the Indian defence establishments have been alerted who thereafter have informed the Indian cadets there not to indulge into the any kind of relationship with any female ISI recruits.Earlier, intelligence agencies had issued an alert across the army establishments and security forces that the ISI posing as senior officers from Armed forces and Ministry of Home Affairs are calling lower staff and trying to extract sensitive information.The Intelligence Agencies have issued an alert across the army establishments and security forces that the ISI operatives posing as senior officers from Armed forces and Ministry of Home Affairs are making calls to extract sensitive information.The intelligence agencies have directed all field commanders to sensitise field formations and personnel under their command to refrain from sharing any information telephonically related to the defence forces, deployment and any other information which might put the national security at risk.Sources said ISI’s strategy, pinned by intelligence officials, involves drawing their attention with attractive profile photos, befriending them and then getting familiar over chats. Slowly, they encourage the personnel to divulge matters considered secret that can be used by the inimical force.According to sources, ISI has been using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to honey trap unsuspecting Indian personnel by providing training to women on how to make explicit calls and chats, in a field traditionally dominated by men.Delhi Police had last year reported some fictitious Facebook accounts, purportedly belonging to women that were used to identify and lure defence personnel.2015 INCIDENTIn December 2015, a serving Indian Army jawan was arrested on charges of maintaining close relationship with an agent of ISI. The jawan was identified as Havildar Farid Khan. It was revealed that he had provided vital information to the spy agency. It was the seventh arrest in the country-wide raid in the ISI spying case.

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Beware, ISI laying honeytraps