<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The bird lovers of Sriganganagar claim to have managed to solve the mystery of the ‘spy’ Peregrine Falcon that was found close to the international border in Sriganganagar. The Peregrine Falcon, the fastest moving hunter, belongs to a sheikh from the UAE. The sheikh had taken the falcon on a hunting trip to Balochistan, from where he lost the bird after it took flight and reached India.As there have been earlier spottings of falcons from across the border, fitted with cameras and transmitters, in Sriganganagar, the presence of the transmitter galvanised the police into action and higher authorities were informed.Local ornithologist Subhash Sharma of the Indian Birds Conservation Network (IBCN) posted pictures of the bird on the net. The Qatar National History Group (QNHG) managed to trace the number of the owner, and informed Sharma the falcon belongs to Sheikh Mohammad Al Mansoori of Qatar. QNHG informed Sharma that they had spoken to his son who told them that his father was on a hunting trip to Pakistan with the falcon. “I also got a call from the owner who told me that he had lost the bird after it took flight in Balochistan. He asked me if it was well, but after I told him that his falcon was in the custody of the police, he did not contact again,” Sharma told DNA.The police, however, has no official communication from the owner of the falcon. Vedprakash Lakhotia, SHO Kesripur, told DNA that an operation will be performed to remove the chip. “We have written to higher authorities for permission. The chip will be scanned and agencies will try to ascertain what is it used for,” he said.”We do not expect any claimant to come forward. But if they do, first it needs to be investigated that the chip contains no sensitive or secret information. In that case specialised agencies will take over,” Lakhotia told DNA.The falcon is presently in good health and at the Bikaner veterinary college. But whether it will be sent back to its owner is a question that has no answer.IN GOOD HEALTHThe falcon is presently in good health and in the custody of the Bikaner Veterinary College.
An operation will now be performed to extract the chip from the falcon’s body.
The chip will be scanned to ascertain whether it was meant for spying.

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Bird lovers solve mystery of ‘spy’ falcon