<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A South-Mumbai based businessman reportedly lost Rs 1.4 lakh in a cyber-fraud wherein his cloned debit card was used to withdraw money from a Gurgaon ATM, while the victim was in Mumbai with his original debit card, at the time the withdrawal was made . Gamdevi police is probing the case.According to victim Animesh Jain, on October 26, he came to Lamington Road around 11 pm and made some withdrawal from an ATM. Jain later slept after having dinner at home. He was woken up by a text message beep around 2 am on October 27, on his mobile phone. Initially, Jain did not bother to check his phone but when there was a flurry of messages, one after the other, a perplexed Jain checked his phone.”I was shocked to see that the messages were actually 14 transaction alert messages sent by the bank. There were 14 transactions of Rs 10,000 each. I rushed to check my debit card and found it to be in my wallet. I then realised that my card details were miused to make a cloned card to make withdrawals,” said Jain.Jain then immediately got his card blocked by the bank and later complained to Gamdevi police. The bank later informed Jain that the withdrawals were made from a Gurgaon ATM.The police suspect that the victim’s card must have been cloned using a skimmer device. “We suspect the card has been cloned as the victim did not shared his card details with any one. We are checking CCTV footage of the Gurgaon ATM to get clues about the suspect,” said a police officer from Gamdevi police station.

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Bizman’s debit card cloned, Rs 1.4L siphoned