<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In an attempt to put an end to the oft-seen practice of people encroaching on civic land and claiming rehabilitation again and again, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now decided to ask Project Affected Persons (PAPs) to submit their Aadhar details while getting rehabilitation benefits from the BMC either in terms of monetary or homes.The BMC believes that this will prevent PAPs from encroaching on another plot to get rehabilitation package again after they are cleared out from an area, as details of people who have already availed of rehabilitation will be available in its database.The BMC observed that PAPs tenements were lying vacant despite PAPs being allotted homes there. “We found that several families shift to other areas, and start encroaching on another civic land to get rehabilitation benefits, while PAPs tenements are lying vacant or given to others’,” said an official from the Estates Department of BMC.At present, the BMC has a number of projects and these can be developed by removing encroachments. “There are around 16,500 encroachments along the Tansa pipeline alone which we have to clear following the High Court order,” said the official. He added that many of them were already given homes in Mahul in Chembur and other areas, but we fear that would shift other areas, and start encroaching another civic land.By using Aadhaar system, the BMC will take biometric details of the family and will ensure in future that the family does not get any rehabilitation again.”We often find difficult to clear an encroachment as we have to face protest both from who encroaches the land and people support with vested interest like politicians,” said the official. In many cases, it was found that political parties do not want PAPs to be shifted in other places even they are given homes as they will lose their vote banks. “The Aadhaar- based system will put an end to such ill practice of political parties,” added the official.

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BMC to link PAPs with Aadhaar to prevent repeated encroachment