15-month-old conjoined twins Love and Prince were separated on Tuesday after a 12-hour surgery at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital in Parel.Only one operation theatre was available for an emergency case while other OTs were shut in order to ensure silence on the floor during the surgery on the conjoined twins. The surgery successfully separated the twins conjoined at the abdomen and hip. Their organs such as liver, intestine, chest bone, pelvic bone and urinary bladder were common.While the parents were aware of their condition in the 24th week of pregnancy, they took the pregnancy in a positive way and have been taking care of them as normal kids. Sheetal Zalte, the mother of the twins, said, “I am happy that both are fine and the surgery has been successful. We have been taking care of them like any normal kids and never faced difficulties in handling them.”It took over 20 doctors team to perform the surgery, but the preparations and research work took months. Special arrangements had to be made for the surgery with the doctors arranging for a bigger operation table.Dr Pradnya Bendre, Pediatric Surgeon, said, “It is a rare surgery. We had to combine two operation theatres since we had to simultaneously operate on both the children. While their reproductive organs were in close proximity, the babies shared few of the organs. We had to do a lot of evaluation and research before performing the surgery. During the surgery, we separated their liver into half. Within few weeks, the liver will regrow.”She added, “The challenge was to separate the urinary bladder. Further, the twins may face bladder problems. While their pelvis bone has been separated, it is still open. They will have to undergo surgery.”According to doctors, they are currently admitted in NICU ward and will be under observation for few weeks and may have to undergo more surgery in the future.

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Conjoined twins separated after 12-hr surgery