After private schools beefed up security in their premises due to the growing number of crimes against school children — the most recent one being in Gurgaon, Delhi — the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) education committee has proposed to install CCTV cameras in BMC-run schools through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).Two members of BMC’s education committee, Rahul Kanal and Sainath Durge, wrote to BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta on Monday, proposing to install CCTV cameras in BMC’s 1,342 schools through CSR activities with the help of corporate companies. A copy of the letter is with DNA.Durge, who belongs to the Shiv Sena, said, “We met the BMC commissioner to discuss with him about giving permission to the BMC education department to install CCTV cameras in schools for the safety of students. We had raised this issue even in the recently held BMC education committee meeting, where we gave the assurance of installing the cameras. The commissioner, after some discussion on the matter, accepted our suggestion.””We will be approaching companies which are ready to do undertake the installation through their CSR activities. This will not just help us in providing safety to students but also help the BMC education department to monitor the school’s staff.”According to the committee members, the company that will be chosen to install the CCTV cameras, will also undertake the responsibility to monitor the cameras.When contacted, Ajoy Mehta, BMC Commissioner, said, “Yes we are open to CSR proposals.”The initiative will be first rolled out in girls’ schools.CSR ACTIVITYRahul Kanal and Sainath Durge, members of BMC’s education committee, wrote to BMC chief Ajoy Mehta on the matter.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Corporates may install CCTV cameras in BMC-run schools