The men in Khakhi have always been on the firing line of the general public over law and order and crimes in the state. It is a general feeling amongst people that with each passing year the incidents of crime escalates. Even thinkers and experts in the field of policing and crime claim that there exists a directly proportional relation between crime and increase in population, simply because there has been observed an upward trend cases of crime year after year.However, the state of Rajasthan has coughed up yet another surprise. Compared to 2016, a whopping 5.65% decrease has been observed in IPC crimes till November 2017 like murder, attempt to murder, dacoity, kidnapping and rapes to name a few. With another 23 days to go in the year, the number of crimes might increase, but will still be less than the last year.Out of a total of 1,69,558 IPC crimes registered till November 2016, 1,59,980 IPC crimes were registered till 2017 November. A close look at the various crimes reveal a change in pattern. Till November 2016, a total of 1451 murders were recorded in the state, however till November 2017, 1362 murders were committed pointing towards a decrease of 6.13%.The biggest decrease has been registered in dacoities with 29.03% as 44 cases of dacoities were recorded till November 2017 as compared to 62 for the same time period in 2016.However, crime relating to the law and order situation has seen an increase. Arson in the state rose by 17.91% as 316 incidents were recorded till November 2017 as compared to 268 incidents till 2016 November. Moreover, thefts appear to be almost on the same footing as previous year with just .06% decrease in 2017 as 1,17,355 cases were registered compared to 1,26,069 cases till November 2016.
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Yogi Adityanath


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