George Eliot said the dead are not dead to us unless we have forgotten them. This saying ironically came true when Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje was holding a public dialogue under the CM Jan Samvad Programme, at Gudagaurji village in Jhunjhunu district. There many deceased villagers continue to ‘eat’ the subsidized rations meant only for the living. The ration is supplied by the state government at subsidized rates to poor people under Food Security Scheme. Some residents of Aduka village complained to Raje that the local ration dealer had fudged the list and many deceased individuals are still included in the list of beneficiaries under the Public Distribution System (PDS) system. They complained that Mohanlal Sharma, the sarpanch of their village who also happens to be the ration dealer continues to take supply of rations in the name of the people who are dead. They further complained that the district supply officer (DSO) Subhash Choudhary did not pay heed to their grievances and failed to take any action. Raje asked officials to verify the complaint and when it turned out that the allegations are true, a fuming Raje immediately issued chargesheet to the DSO. CM then assured those at the Jan Sanwad program that the government would take strict action against the higher officials if their subordinates fail take action. “The higher officials need to act against the subordinates if they fail to address grievances given by the commoners. We will also take action against the higher officials if the grievances remain unaddressed at lower lever,” said Raje. She then asked for compliance report on all grievances received on Friday by Saturday morning. Raje is on a two day tour to Jhunjhunu district to meet various sections of the society.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Dead eating subsidised ration: Rajasthan CM discovers fraud during public outreach programme