When it comes to the rising crime rate, Delhi has left behind states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra. In 2016, the Capital also recorded the highest number of Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes ever in its history, according to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Thursday.The NCRB has ranked Delhi first based on the crime rate across the country and also first among all metropolitan cities based on the percentage share of incidents. It also ranked Delhi fifth based on the percentage share of crimes across the country.The data further suggested that the Capital ranked fifth, when it came to the number of crimes, and it alone added 7% to the country’s crime records. According to the data, in 2016, Delhi witnessed 209,519 crime cases. The number was 191,377 in 2015 and 155,654 in 2014.The data also stated that in 2016, 545 people were murdered while 1,591 died due to rash driving. Dowry claimed 162 lives, 6,982 fell victim to kidnapping and abduction, 2,079 were raped, and 85 were gangraped in 2016.Apart from this, 837 victims reported stalking, 183 were made victims of unnatural offences, and 230 cases of extortion, 4,776 robberies, and 131,418 thefts were reported. Based on the crime rate in 2016, after Delhi, Kochi was ranked second and Jaipur was ranked third.Moreover, as inflow of arms in the Capital has reportedly increased in the recent past, 688 cases under the Arms Act were also registered while total number cases under the Arms and Explosives related Acts were 702.The data further stated that 2,356 cases were registered under the Excise Act while 2,653 were lodged under the Liquor and Narcotic Drugs-related Acts.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Delhi is national capital of crime