With a total of 6,096 cases of violent incidents reported in Mumbai, the city ranks second after Delhi which reported 15,297 cases in 2016. Maharashtra reported a total of 42,468 violent crime cases last year. Mumbai stands second after Delhi in cases of sexual exploitation against women.According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, 2,299 murder cases were registered in Maharashtra of which 147 cases were reported in Mumbai. The city also reported 712 cases of rape in 2016, with Delhi at a record of 1,996 cases.A total of 473 cases of rioting were reported in Mumbai, and stands after Patna reporting 565 cases. There were 1,145 cases of robbery in Mumbai, while Delhi recorded the highest with 4,560 cases.In 2016, of the 19 metropolitan cities, 647 cases of senior citizens being cheated were reported, of which 336 cases were registered in Mumbai, followed by Delhi in which 108 cases were registered. Moreover, a total number of cases registered by senior citizens being robbed off was more in Mumbai with 373 cases followed by 91 cases in Delhi and 46 cases in Bengaluru.Maharashtra stood fourth in violent crime cases after Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Delhi stands first, Mumbai second in most violent crimes