A message is doing rounds in the Dawoodi Bohra community criticising the recent diktat that marriages can be held only in community halls/places that are cleared by Anjuman E Shiate Ali, the community’s religious committee. The diktat even asks members of the community to not attend marriages if not held at places cleared by it.The recent message condemning the ‘diktat’ states that it has created a “communal havoc”. It goes on to ask if the religious leaders of the community will help them.”If Christian schools” refuse admission for the Bohras and that being a business community, if tomorrow “other communities boycott business with us, where do we stand? Does it make any difference to our religious leaders and their income?””The new diktat is disturbing. Earlier, there was a diktat of limiting food items and stopping sangeet and dance because it is not Islamic. Now this. All this is happening because of revenue as most halls are controlled by the religious leaders or people close to them. They want to control our activities and form pressure groups,” said a member, who did not want to be named.Members said that community halls have limitations like dress code, space constraint and also parking issues.”This should not be labelled as a diktat. Such words are prejudicial. The current advisory asking Bohras to use community venues for weddings has many advantages… All are positive steps for an organisation charged with managing community affairs… promoting egalitarianism and maintaining cultural propriety,” said a spokesperson.

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Diktat creating communal havoc