Former Law Minister Salman Khurshid could not escape defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, when the Congress slumped to just 44 seats from 206 in 2009, and the party managed only two wins in his home state UP—Raebareli and Amethi, the pocket boroughs of the Gandhi family.As the party girds for elections in six states next year, Khurshid, a former Cabinet minister, tells DNA’s Anand Mishra that Congress will win the 2019 LS polls and feels the CBI court’s verdict on 2G spectrum case is “truth” panning out at a time when Modi’s magic, is “on the slide”. Edited excerpts:What is the takeaway from Guajrat polls. Some in Congress believed it was the best chance ever for party to win the state but it did not happen…What is more important is the manner in which you lose or the extent to which you lose. The manner in which you fail to win, or grow towards winning, is the matter. Essentially, it’s a feel of energy. Energy is back. If you ask are we re-energised, the answer is yes.What has brought this energy? There is no immediate reason visible for it.There are a variety of reasons for it. One is new leadership. Everyone is pitching to make Rahul Gandhi’s new leadership successful. Circumstances are changing. People are becoming aware of the truth of what the present government is all about. All that is happening. A combination of all this has given us new energy. In sum total 2017 has not been a bad year for us.What is there to celebrate for Congress from Gujarat election outcome?Gujart elections have brought us back into the normal course of fighting elections. It does not matter whether you win or lose with a whisker. We have shown that we are back with strength. This is what we have shown and that is a very important message for the party.2018 is an election year. How will Congress perform in these polls. In many of the states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, BJP is in power for a long time. How will you win those elections when the party organisation in disarray.We will do well. Circumstances for those elections are much better. This is a phenomenon of Indian politics that organisations come together despite not being in power for a long time and when you see a sense that you are in a winning strick, the organisation falls in place. An organisation without victory is a very difficult thing. So it is good, it is necessary but I do not think this is the only factor.B S Yeddyurappa, who had brought BJP in power in Karnataka in 2008 is back. Can Congress put up a formidable challenge as you had won the last election only against a divided BJP. Is he a problem for you?There is no such problem. Circumstances are much better for us in all the elections including Karnataka and we should do well.How does the 2G scam verdict by the CBI Special Court pan out for Congress? How will the verdict help you contest state elections in 2018.How does truth pan out for anyone. What has happened is amplification of truth. There is nothing better in life than truth. After this we will fight with greater vigour in times to come.BJP says Modi magic worked when it wins elections, Congress says Modi magic is over. What do you think?It’s sliding. The magic is gone, persuasive power still remains. Let us see how much it slides between now and next general elections.Is there any surge in Rahul Gandhi’s image when you say Modi’s image is on slide? Not many people think so?Rahul Gandhi always had enormous potentials. People were disbelieving it. Now they are beginning to believe it. Therefore it has given him a good start. But obviously he has a huge responsibility ahead and we are all confident that he will fulfil it.Where do you see Congress with 44 Lok Sabha seats now going in 2019 general elections?Congress will be in power in 2019, I promise you.

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DNA EXCLUSIVE | The energy is back in Congress, says Salman Khurshid