<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 61-year-old former civil servant from Delhi regularly visits South Mumbai to pursue his passion for photography. On his visit to the city, he scours through the landmarks of South Mumbai in the morning. He has managed to capture various bird species at Sagar Upvan in Colaba, Hanging Garden at Malabar Hill, Haji Ali promenade, Byculla Zoo, and Marine Drive through his lens.Vinod Goel, 61, was employed with the customs and excise services in the country and took to wildlife photography after he first witnessed a Purple Rumped Sunbird in the city last year. The fascination to click such birds only grew further. Goel then planned another trip to the city and visited Sewri jetty, Mahim Nature Park, Sagar Upvan Park at Colaba, and Byculla Zoo among other places.”I had developed a hobby of photography and soon I decided to explore South Mumbai which is now a concrete jungle. However, I have managed to capture various species of birds at different locations and studied their living patterns as well,” said Goel.He observed the cattle egret, house crow, jungle crow, tailor bird, coppersmith barbet, Asian koel, white-throated fantail, white-cheeked bulbul, silver bill, flamingos, brown headed and black headed gulls, and Palla’s gull among a numerous species of birds.”I was fascinated to shoot the birds sucking nectar from the yellow trumpet flower at the Sagar Upvan in Colaba and later got an opportunity to find these species again at Hanging Garden at Malabar Hills,” Goel added. “No doubt Mumbai appears to be a concrete jungle but to me, it is a paradise for nature lovers and citizens must enjoy the beauty of small and big birds,” Goel concluded.

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Former civil servant turns South Mumbai into his canvas