Drugs administered to seven-year-old Adya Singh were grossly overcharged by Gurugram’s Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), a probe conducted by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has revealed.Deceased Adya’s father, Jayant, was billed close to Rs 16 lakh in 15 days for his baby’s dengue shock syndrome treatment at FMRI.The hospital earned a mind-boggling profit ranging from 12% to 1737% on 176 items, including drugs and consumables, according to the information supplied by the hospital to NPPA. “These are tactics adopted by hospitals in collusion with pharma companies to earn profit,” said an NPPA official. He added, “Companies put exorbitant prices on MRP, but sell in bulk at highly discounted rates to hospitals.””Hospitals stand to earn huge profit margins by charging at MRP to patients. Also, they prescribe and procure particular brands of drugs for patients,” the official said.”NPPA shall be taking necessary follow up action as per existing law and within its jurisdiction,” said NPPA deputy director Anand Prakash.A three-way stop cock bi-valve which was procured by FMRI at Rs 5.77 was billed at Rs 106 (a profit margin of 1737%). The MRP of the bi-valve was Rs 106, while pharma company Romsons supplied it to FMRI at a heavily discounted rate of Rs 5.77 per piece.A ventilator circuit procured by FMRI at Rs 46, 614 was billed at Rs 66,305, a profit margin of 42%. Up to 171% profit was made by the hospital on dialysis contraptions like a CRRT kit of seven items procured at Rs 8,033 but billed at Rs 21,745.Surgical gloves, over a thousand of which were used in Adya’s treatment, procured at Rs 12 each, were priced at Rs 49 (marking up to 298% profit on each glove), while some units of gloves were sold at Rs 65 (up to 428% profit).Drugs like injection Dotamin which was bought by FMRI at Rs 28.35 was billed at Rs 287.50 at 914% profit. A simple paracetamol injection, Tamin, procured at Rs 36.29, has been billed at Rs 310 (754% profit) to the patient.Only 39 items of the 176 fall under the Drug Price Control Order where pharmaceutical companies cannot fix MRP over and above the ceiling price fixed by NPPA.Criminal charge12-1737%The profit FMRI has earned on 176 iitems.Rs 106The charge for a three-way stopcock bi-valve procured for Rs 5.77Rs 21,745 Billing for CRRT kit of 7 items procured at Rs 8,033Rs 49-Rs 65 Billing for gloves procured at Rs 49

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Fortis raked in moolah of up to 1,737% in Adya Singh case: NPPA