A notorious gangster, responsible for the plight of hundreds of families, has been nabbed by the Delhi Police. One of the dreaded duo that ran the gang, Hussain, a resident of village Tayda in Bharatpur, was brought to Delhi two days ago.According to the Delhi Police investigation, the gang of two first lured businessmen in the name of attractive deals on electronic and other products, and a holiday trip around Delhi. They would then kidnap the victims, take them to Mewat and get them raped and sodomised by locals. This sexual abuse was filmed to extort money. The gang operated in Haryana and Rajasthan, and had made Delhi a transit place. The cops are now trying to identity and approach the victims and retrieve videos of sexual abuse. According to the police, the gang would give advertisements on vernacular websites and in dailies in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh claiming that it sold electronic items in bulk at cheap prices. “Thereafter, the gangsters would call and mail local businessmen in these states and tempt them with attractive deals,” a police officer said, adding that once the businessmen were convinced, they were offered a holiday trip, along with their family members, to Delhi and nearby areas.After trapping the businessmen and their families, the gang would take the victims to Mewat. “The kidnapped businessmen were sodomised, their wives and daughters raped by local youths, teenagers, and other gang members, and this sexual abuse was filmed. Hussain and his accomplice Hasan would also demand ransom from their families, ranging from Rs 20-50 lakh,” the police officer said. The families were told that if they approached the police, the videos would be uploaded on the adult websites.

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Gangster nabbed for mass rapes, extortion