<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Regional Passport Office (RPO) Ahmedabad issued a passport within an hour for travelling abroad to an infant who was disowned by her biological parents due to a physical deformity.Duruva, a nine-month-old girl from Gujarat’s oldest orphanage Kathiawar Nirashrit Balashram in Rajkot, has been adopted by an American couple.Neelam Rani, Regional Passport Officer, said, “When the case came to us from the orphanage, we were touched on seeing the girl. She does not have a leg and may be it is the reason her parents disowned her. An American couple wanted to adopt her to get her treatment done which is why we immediately issued her a passport.”Chandrakant Patel, honorary secretary, Kathiawar Nirashrit Balashram, said, “We found the baby in a hospital. It is a pity that her parents left her just a few hours after birth. We have high demand for couples looking for girl child, which is why Duruva was adopted within nine months. Three more girls from our orphanage are in the process of adoption. This year, around 24 children have been adopted of which 14 are girls.”Neelam Rani said, “On an average, we get five cases a month. Recently there was a case where a couple from Netherlands adopted a child with visual deformity. These cases inspire and motivate us.” Last year, a couple had adopted a girl from the same orphanage whose nose was chewed by a rat. Patel said, “We had found the girl Durga from a dustbin without a nose. Someone had left her in a dustbin, where her nose was chewed by rats. But an American couple chose her, took her to the US and got her treated. The girl looks so beautiful now that one cannot recognise her. Durga’a surgery has become a case study there.”

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Girl with deformity adopted by US couple