Civil society organisations on Thursday criticised Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s statement that Gujarat had only 6 lakh educated jobless youth.At a press conference held by the Lokshahi Bachao Abhiyan, Hemantkumar Shah, an economics professor said that what the CM conveniently forgot to mention is that the 6 lakh figure is the unemployment figure only for last year.”The cumulative unemployment figures of Rupani were from the data available from employment exchanges. The number of people registered and the number of people who got a job. The difference is the number of unemployed,” said Shah.However, he said the CM only mentioned the figures for last year. If we continue to add the number of people who have remained unemployed (as per data from employment exchanges) for each year since 2001, the total figure would come to 19 lakh.He said the 6 lakh figure was arrived at because the cumulative employment exchanges create fresh data (of people registered and those who got a job) every year and the last year’s data is not carry forwarded. Ex-CM Suresh Mehta also called on the government’s claims that investment summits like the Vibrant Gujarat had created jobs in Gujarat. He said no employment potential was ever mentioned for the Vibrant Gujarat Summits for the year 2003, 2005, 2013, 2015 and 2017. “For the year 2007, it was claimed that the deals made during Vibrant Summit would provide employment to 13 lakh people when in fact only 55,000 people got jobs. Similarly, for 2009 only 3.8 lakh jobs were created against the promised 29 lakh jobs,” said Mehta. He said the jobs touted to be created due to Vibrant Summits were, in fact, more or less in tandem with the jobs being created even if the summit was not held.He said usually whenever an industry is given sops one of the conditions is that it would hire 80% of local labour force. “No industry in Gujarat that took benefit of the government’s sops have done this. The government does not bother to implement this condition and this is a reason why despite offering red carpet to industries our own people remain unemployed,” said Mehta.
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