Addressing the media on Wednesday, Rajasthan Congress president Sachin Pilot asked the BJP government to issue a white paper stating the works they have done over the last 22 years in Gujarat and three years at the Centre.”Let’s discuss the works that BJP has done. There are inflation, economic recession, demonetisation, wrong GST which were imposed. The BJP must accept their mistakes. The party promised to construct 50 lakh houses in Gujarat, but they have hardly constructed 4 lakh,” said Pilot.”Everything is possible if you have the will. There is arrogance in BJP. Congress has been in politics in this country since last 130 years. We have never compromised with principles. To gain power, BJP has made many compromises,” alleged Pilot.”We are not here to just to blame BJP for their ills. People are seeing it. We have made a structure to have a better government model in Gujarat. A better alternative governance model in all areas could be whether its labour reforms, education, agriculture, sanitation, health care, urban development, farm loans,” said Pilot.”We have got widespread holistic frameworks of how to develop Gujarat. And the Gujarat model that BJP claimed is very backward in all the social aspects. There is dissatisfaction in every class and they agree upon what Rahul Gandhi is saying. Propaganda, marketing or whatever claimed development has done for few selected people only,” he said.CONG FURYIt is a known fact that CM holds no power. Everybody knows who controls the politics, and when there is no accountability, no transparency then how people can trust the leadership?” Pilot asked.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Gujarat elections 2017: Cong leader Sachin Pilot seeks White Paper on BJP’s 22-year-rule