Vinod Chauhan was not like any other candidate hoping to make it in the upcoming election. In fact, for Chauhan the electoral battle began right at the Mojni Seva Sadan office in Bhimjipura where he went to file his nomination from Naranpura seat for the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections.Chauhan, 39, suffers from 80% disability and has been dragging himself on all fours since his life began.He came to the office doing that- dragging himself on all four- to file his nomination as the office is not disabled friendly. Chauhan, who claims to do odd jobs, lives in Ramapir no Tekro in Nava Wadaj and has only one motive – to get the problems of disabled address. “Our prime minister has given us a fancy name- Divyang- but names alone won’t work. We need facilities and we are only talking of basic facilities,” said Chauhan as he waited to get his nominations filed.He said he had to climb two floors to reach the office. “Had there been a ramp or lift my journey to file the nomination would not have to involve me dragging myself across the floor,” said Chauhan.Chauhan who lives with his mother and elder brother said no one talks about disabled. “Only a person who is disabled can understand the problems of the community and know what they need,” said Chauhan. He said it is high time the government bring up reservation for disabled people even in the electoral process.Chauhan knows he is fighting from a seat that is considered a BJP bastion. “It does not matter whether I win or not. If I can inspire others to take up the fight for disabled people my mission will be successful,” said Chauhan.In fact, Chauhan did not inform his family about his decision to fight the polls.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Gujarat elections 2017: For him, poll battle began at nomination office