Dabhoi seat of Vadodara district has the high profile candidate from Congress, Siddharth Patel who is son of former late CM Chimanbhai Patel. BJP has repeated the sitting MLA Balkrushna Patel. Siddharth lost with more than 5,000 votes to Balkrushna Patel in last Assembly polls, but a sitting MLA has never won Dabhoi.After tribal voters, Patel community, most of them farmers, has great dominance and with the polarisation of votes among Tribal community, there are subcastes like Rathwa, Tadvi, Vasava and Bhil.The Patel community had showed faith in BJP in last polls but this time the situation may be different taking the issues like agriculture, civic facilities and water supply for drinking and irrigation.Several BJP workers are not happy with Balkrushna Patel’s work during last term and several have resigned after he was given a ticket. He had earlier warned that if he is not given a ticket, he would contest as an independent.People are not happy with the performance of Congress candidate Siddharth Patel either. He was elected to the Assembly in 2007. He is an influential leader of Congress but is in Ahmedabad most of the time. As he was less connected to the voters, he lost last polls.Total Voters : 2,01,849Male- 1,03,875Female – 97,974Caste Combination :Patel- 43,886Baniya- 6,513Kshatriya- 9,943Schedule caste(weavers)- 10,413Muslims – 22, 321Other general – 1,500Rabari(nomadic)- 6,637Vasava(ST)- 32,432Tadvi(ST)- 12,238Rathwa(ST)- 1,145Bhil(ST)- 1,236Thakor(OBC)- 21,735Other- 32,210Poll results :2002 : Chandrakant Patel (BJP)2007 : Siddharth Patel (Congress)2012 : Balkrushna Patel (BJP)
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Yogi Adityanath


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Gujarat Elections 2017 | Former CM Chimanbhai’s son against Balkrushna Patel