After demonetization and GST, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attacked prime minister Narendra Modi over his achhe din promise, saying they had arrived only for a select few while most people continued to grapple with problems.”Have achhe din arrived? Did Gabbar Singh Tax bring achhe din? Did you queue up during notes ban and saw thieves converting black money into white? At least some people’s achhe din have come,” Gandhi said addressing a gathering at Lathi in the Patidar dominated Amreli district on Thursday.In an attempt to reach out to farmers, the Congress leader raised the issue of their land being taken away, and they not getting the right MSP for their produce.”The Modi government waived off loans of Rs1.30 lakh crore of five biggest industrialists last year, but there was no waiver for farmers. Modi ji is talking about farmers for 22 years, but has not given any benefit to them,” he said, promising that the Congress would start the process to waive farmer loans within ten days of forming the government.He also recalled that the UPA government had waived off loans worth Rs70,000 crore of farmers across the country. Later, at an event in Botad, he said that its the first time in a state that so many communities, be it Patidars, OBCs, Dalits or tribals, were agitating.”Only a few people in the state are not agitating,” he said. Gandhi also raised the issue of Rs33,000 crore favours granted to Tata Motors for Nano plant in Sanand, saying the money was almost equivalent to what the UPA government provided in a year for MGNREGA.”If the same Rs33,000 crore was invested in colleges or hospitals, you would not be required to spend lakhs of rupees for admission or for treatment,” he said. He also accused the Modi government of snatching farmers’ land and giving it away to industries. “Modi ji took away 6.5 lakh acre land of Gujarat’s farmers and gifted it to his friends,” he charged.Congress challenges BJP-ruled gujaratContinuing to target GST as Gabbar Singh Tax, the Congress scion alleged that it had destroyed small traders and industries. He alleged that corruption is rampant in Gujarat, saying no work happens without paying money.. He also came down heavily on the PM for his note-ban decisions saying it had resulted in the whole country queuing up at banks.
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Gujarat elections 2017 | Have ‘achhe din’ arrived, Rahul Gandhi asks Saurashtra