<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Q: How is BJP positioned in the state elections? The party has been in power for 22 years.A: We are comfortable. With each passing day, we are consolidating our position and I can say with confidence that it is going to be a one- sided contest.Q: How is BJP dealing with the resentment in the trading community over GST?A: Contrary to the opinion in certain parts, GST has been very well accepted all over the country and Gujarat. Opposition is raking up this issue to provoke the industry and traders but the fact is that they are okay with it. Yes, they have some issues and Finance Ministry is monitoring the feedback. It is sensitively dealing with the situation. Certain issues related to GST which are primarily procedural in nature will also be addressed. At end of the day, business community knows that their interests are only protected by a BJP government. They will not go for any other option.Q: Lot of traders in Surat say that GST has worked perfectly for big business with a permanent infrastructure and not for the small and medium traders?A: These are transitional issues not specific to Surat. These are general issues. These issues too will be taken care off. Business community has confidence in us.Q: How is your party tackling the Patel issue? They were the dedicated BJP voters.A: Mark my word. As Gujarat has been a model for organizational discipline, the state will also send a strong message for beginning of the end of caste politics in India. It is unfortunate that Congress which is the oldest party and claims to have pan India presence is trying to stoke caste passions for political mileage. They will not succeed. BJP rallies in the Patidar dominated constituencies have been big and phenomenal.Q: You spoke of the Gujarat development model but the critics say that only big businesses have reaped benefit.Your response?A: Gujarat went through revolutionary transformation when Narendra Modi was at helm of affairs in the state. It is a case study in its self. Kutch was a dessert but today it is an international destination for tourists. Many other states are suffering from power deficit but Gujarat is a power surplus state.Q: Are you saying that Gujarat can come up with a surprise like Uttar Pradesh assembly elections?A: As far as we are concerned, we can sense a comfortable win with an improvement in the tally. It may surprise those who have created a perception that BJP is not doing well.

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Gujarat Elections 2017: It is going to be one-sided contest, says Jitendra Singh