“Modiji, hum aapko Gujarat me pyar se harayenge,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said at a public meeting in North Gujarat’s Kalol on Sunday. He reiterated that the Congress party will fight the BJP without hitting below the belt and by respecting the dignity of the post of Prime Minister.”It is the culture of Congress… Gandhiji and Sardar Patel have taught us to defeat our enemies with love. I will not utter a word that is disrespectful to the post of Prime Minister,” said Rahul, adding that it is just a matter of days before the Congress forms government in Gujarat. He assured a 35,000-strong audience that the party will work as per the wishes of people in Gujarat and not thrust upon the people one’s own ‘Man Ki Baat’. Rahul reiterated that within 10 days of forming government, a policy to waive off farmers’ debts will be announced. He assured that the Congress government will not be for a handful of corporates but of all sections of the society. “It will be of farmers, small businessmen, youth, SCs, OBCs, Patels, tribals and all sections of the society,” he said.He said that the new government will reverse the trend of privatisation of health and education to ensure that masses can avail themselves of these services at nominal costs unlike the present when people have to spend lakhs of rupees either to get loved ones treated at a private hospital or get their children educated at a private school or college.Lashing out at PM Modi, Rahul said that he has been shifting goal posts during the course of campaign from development to Narmada to OBCs. “Of late Modiji is silent on the issue of corruption as well. Modi is not uttering a single word on Jay Amit Shah, whose company’s net worth rose from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80 crore in a matter of months,” he said.He once again took on the PM, saying that the single most reason why the Winter Session of Parliament was delayed is that the government wants to avoid getting embarrassed on the issue of Jay Amit Shah and a sudden U turn over the Rafale deal, where the Modi government “is trying to benefit a friendly corporate at the cost of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited”, which has been building fighter jets for over 70 years now.

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Gujarat elections 2017: No low blow, but we’ll defeat Modi with love, says Rahul Gandhi