<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A hawk fitted with a small “device” was spotted and captured near Sriganganagar town. This has sent shock ripples across the area. The device attached to the bird appears to be some sort of a transmitter. The authorities are planning to conduct an X-ray of it to ensure if any more smaller devices have been implanted into it.The hawk was spotted and captured in village 1V near Sriganganagar town when farmers working in the fields saw the hawk preying on a smaller bird. “The farmers noticed a shiny object attached to the bird. The Kesrisinghpura police was immediately informed,” said Ved Prakash lakhotiya, Station House Officer, Kesrisinghpura police station.Meanwhile, the information was shared with senior officials anmd other security agencies.“The device was removed and sent for investigation. An FSL investigation will reveal if any spying activities were being carried out. There are falconry games organised on the other side of border in which the hawk that goes farthest wins. There is a possibility of the device being used to keep track of the bird. However, an FSL report would clearly reveal nature of the device” the SHO informed.The bird was handed over to the Forest Department at Sriganganagar. There are plans to take the hawk to Bikaner. “We want to ensure that no chips or similar smaller devices are embedded inside the bird and for this an X-ray/scan is a must. Such an X-ray machine for veterinary purposes is available at Veterinary college at Bikaner and the bird will be sent there,” Lakhotiya said.

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Hawk flies in from Pak with ‘object’