<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>If you are living in Delhi-NCR, chances are either you are planning to or have already visited the India International Trade Fair, currently going on in Pragati Maidan.The 37th Trade Fair, which was inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind on November 14, has seen lesser footfall compared to the previous years.The single biggest reason is lack of open space. Until last year, the Trade Fair used to be organised in over 100,000 square meters of open space. But with ongoing construction work, the space has been reduced and there are fewer exhibitors this year.Most people are saying ‘pehle wali baat nahi hai (it’s not like earlier times).’Love it or hate it, Delhi has still not given up on this lavish fair.So while many would tell you what’s hot and what’s not this year, we decided to give a different side of the Trade Fair.Here’s our list of types of visitors that we saw in Trade Fair on Monday:The veterans: As the name suggest, they ALWAYS visit the Trade Fair. They are those who carry ghar ka khana, chatai or newspapers and water bottles. They know which stalls to go, the best discounts offered and just how to beat rush. They never fall for old gimmick, remember each pavilion by heart. Talk to them and you would hear, ‘arre, pahele kya baat thi…bahut variety thi (There used to be great time, lots of variety).’ Yes, to be honest, that is true indeed. There was a time when there was an entire hall dedicated to toys, yes loads of toys! The freeloaders: They are pain for all exhibitors, especially those dealing in food items. They never shy from ‘bhaisaab, try karana’. Be it gajjak, latest pasta, shampoo sachets or even pamphlet of a dishwasher, they just want everything. This year, we saw some queuing up for free balloons!The trend-setters: If you spot every second visitor buying one particular item, it is because of them. They set the trend. Be it fake flowers, buying crockery by kilo (yes, that happens) or new beauty product, just see around. The haters: Why there are so many people, why everyone is in same state pavilion as me, why the food is so bad, why toilets are not clean, why they are playing this music…you get the drift, right? These are the people who simply hate anything and everything. Till last year, this group kept on saying ki ‘yaar, kitna chalna padta hai’ and this year they are ruing over lack of open space! You just can’t keep them happy!The harassed lot: You will spot many outside the entry gates of Pragati Maidan. They didn’t realise that tickets are available online only. Though you can buy tickets at metro stations, but don’t dare getting down at Pragati Maidan and think, ‘ok, I’m here, let me buy tickets first,’ cause they don’t sell tickets there, duh! Classic example is the family who travelled all the way from Rohini only to realise they can’t buy tickets here. Oops, last heard, the husband sheepishly suggested…’chidiyaghar hi ghoom lete hain (let’s go to zoo)’.Also at Trade Fair:Aadhaar and Income Tax and GST stalls: Biggest crowd-puller this year are the government stalls.Crockery by kilo: You want a new dinner set? Or a pair of new storage jars? Just check out these stalls (I got some cool stuff in hall number 12).Super SARAS: The best stall, ever! Don’t want to buy that overpriced ethnic dupatta at neighbourhood mall? Just check out these amazing stalls at SARAS and have a blast. From weavers of Assam to Punjab’s Phulkari, you will get it all.The CRPF band: Alas, there’s no defence pavilion now. But you still have CRPF gallery and BSF stall. Plus, if you are there at right time, you can check the awesome performance of the CRPF band.No state pavilions: Remember the beautiful Kerala state pavilion or one from Gujarat….they all have been razed to ground. All state exhibitors are showcasing their products in state hangars instead.

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Hey Delhi, International Trade Fair is on! Watch out for these 5 types of visitors at Pragati Maidan