Delhi police have arrested two notorious carjackers who allegedly committed crimes in a unique manner.The duo is said to have used mobile phone signal jammer devices while committing the thefts in Vasant Village, police said. According to the police, the accused have been identified as Subodh Yadav, 37, and his associate Vipan Kumar, 42, who would steal the vehicles and then dispose of them after tampering with the engine and chassis number of the vehicle. The accused were arrested following a tip-off.”We had received information that they would be coming to Vasant Village to meet and finalise a deal for a stolen luxury car. A trap was laid out at 4.30 pm,” said Romil Baniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South District.The team swung into action and on sensing the police presence both of them tried to escape with the car but were apprehended.”The accused were thoroughly searched and sophisticated tools for reading and replicating ignition, lock system and bypassing Engine Control Module (ECM) settings and mobile phone signal jammers were recovered,” Baniya added.During interrogation, the accused revealed that they had developed a vast network of engine and chassis numbers punchers operating from Punjab and UP. The members of this syndicate purchased all the damaged vehicles from the insurance company and punched the engine and chassis numbers of total loss vehicle to stolen vehicle and sell the stolen vehicles to second-hand car buyers.”The modus operandi was unique as they used an advanced security software read-and-replicate machine to disable ignition and security system and bypass the ECM of the vehicle, and transferred this data to their programming machine.””Using this data, the accused prepared duplicate keys to steal the cars. They further used A mobile phone signal jammer device while committing theft or dealing in stolen cars to dodge decoy customers as well as police. This device was to act as a cloak for the electronic surveillance of these criminals,” Baniya added.

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Hot wheels: Cops crack carjacking case, two held