Kerala woman Hadiya, who is at the center of Kerala love-jihad case, has claimed that she is yet not free as her demand to meet her husband remains elusive. “I asked for freedom. I wanted to meet my husband Shafin Jahan but the fact is that I’m not free till now and that’s the truth”, ANI quoted Hadiya as saying on Wednesday. She said that she is not asking anything exceptional and these rights are being enjoyed by every Indian citizen.The 24-year-old Hindu woman who converted to marry a Muslim youth will continue to pursue her studies under her previous name Akhila Ashokan, as per the Supreme Court’s direction.The Principal of the Sivaraj Homeopathy Medical College said on Tuesday that he would allow Hadiya to “meet anyone” but with his permission.Hadiya was freed from her parent’s custody on the orders of the Supreme Court. Hadiya’s parents told the Supreme Court that she was brainwashed and forced to convert to Islam.

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I need freedom to talk to people I like, not free till now, says Hadiya