<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today made a strong case for increasing the salary of legislators in the state, saying they should be paid “reasonably well” as they work round-the-clock.”I am going to increase the salaries paid to the MLAs from Goa Legislative Assembly. I am the only person who has bluntly said all the time that if MLAs don’t get proper funds, they will have a reason to start corruption,” Parrikar said.He was addressing a function on the National Press Day organised by local journalists’ union here.This would not mean that after being given a hike in salary every MLA would be clean but at least there would not be a reason for them to indulge in corruption, Parrikar said.He said the members of the legislative assembly are always under pressure to meet the increasing financial demands from the people, including donations.”The MLA is constantly under pressure to generate finances to meet the demands like donations. The politician in current situation has to be 24 hours on duty so he hardly gets time to devote to his business. That is why they should be paid reasonably well,” the chief minister said.He said people usually hold individual politicians accountable and not political parties, which often result in elections throwing up fractured mandates.”Those who have lost this accountability have always lost the election. I feel bad to admit this but people accept corruption but not arrogance. Whoever has shown the trend of arrogance has been sent back,” Parrikar said.He said the people hold an individual politician accountable but not the party.”If you can see the fractured mandate, one of the reason behind it is that the people hold individual accountable and not the party,” the senior BJP leader said.”The voters should hold a political set as accountable. Because, if you don’t elect a majority you are going to get a mess and then you won’t be able to hold anyone accountable,” he said.

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If MLAs don’t get proper funds, they will have reason to be corrupt: Manohar Parrikar bats for increasing salary of Goa legislators