<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday raised questions on ‘rising intolerance’ and ‘narrow nationalism’ as Congress conferred Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration on noted vocalist from Karnataka TM Krishna. The award is given on the death anniversary of Indira Gandhi.The Congress Vice President recalled how former Prime Minister stood for a nation without distinctions of caste and creed, religion and region.”In today’s times, when our country finds itself increasingly divided in the name of a narrow nationalism, the Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration is a recognition of the values she stood for.”That idea of India that Indira Gandhi fought for has been thrown fundamentally into question by the rising intolerance that we are witnessing today,” he said.Congress vice-president said that a view of Indianness that is one-sided, discriminatory, even warped” is being thrust and the country’s heritage is now in the hands of those who are bent upon rewriting history, imposing falsehood and unscientific ideas on our people and stifling independent thinking.”Calling the award a testament to the broad view of the Indian ethos and heritage that she cherished, Rahul called for the need to be “undaunted, unafraid, and uncompromising against the forces of darkness that seek to engulf our land”.Hailing Krishna’s services in promoting national integration, he said the artist used the medium as a catalyst for social progress and change, challenging regressive barriers of divisiveness and intolerance and spoke out on the iniquities of caste and the critical necessity of maintaining communal harmony.

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Indira Gandhi’s ideas being called into question: Rahul Gandhi