Jaipur Municipal Corporation changed the number of its call centre a week ago but did not inform the public about it, creating unnecessary inconvenience for the common man.People are unable to register complaints regarding cleanliness, street lights, stray cattle, sewer, encroachment and other problems. A separate call center should have set up for complaint related to Door to Door Waste Collection but the JMC is using the same call centre for this purpose.For almost 13 years, the JMC call center has been operational. BJP state president Ashok Parnami introduced this service during his tenure as mayor. This call center number was 5110111, 5110686 and 2742900. Former mayor Jyoti Khandelwal extended this call centre and added call centre toll-free number 1800-180-6681. All types of complaints were registered on toll-free number. This toll-free number was advertised in the city through hoardings and boards. About 15 days ago, all the numbers were changed including the toll-free number. The new toll-free number is 2747400. According to sources, the number of call centre was changed to benefit the BVG company, working for Door to Door Waste Collection in the city. Under the terms of Door to Door Waste Collection Project, the company had to set up the separate call centre. This number should have been written on the Door to Door Waste Collection vehicles so that people could file complaints related to the company. Instead of doing so, the company’s employees were put in the existing call center of JMC.
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Yogi Adityanath


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JMC’s call centre number changed without notice