Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed inside Junior Crafting Nursery, the preschool in Sher-e-Punjab, Andheri (East) into which a leopard found its way on Sunday morning, made the rescue operation easier for forest officers. According to the officials, it’s the live feed of the cameras that helped them keep a track on the leopard’s movement.The leopard, which was first spotted in the local Gurudwara’s garden, jumped inside the preschool from its rear. Fortunately, being a Sunday morning, the day care center and preschool were shut and there were no casualties.Ritu Sethi, owner of the preschool, who stays nearby, was immediately contacted by residents of the building. Sethi said, “More than 250 children are part of this preschool. We don’t know what would have happened if the leopard had entered on a weekday but we are thankful to god that there was no tragedy.” She added, “I got a call from the building residents stating that a leopard has entered the preschool premises. Since I stay close by, it took me a few minutes to get to the spot. While the leopard was moving in the building premises, some people began shouting which may have frightened it due to which it may have jumped inside the preschool.”Honorary Wildlife Warden (Mumbai city) Sunish Kunju said, “Since there were many cameras, it helped us track the exact movement of the leopard for more than 10 hours till the time he was trapped and rescued. Regular updates of the leopard’s movement made it easier for us to locate him especially because he was in an enclosed space.”Sethi, who was on the spot for more than 10 hours showing the live feed to the officials, stated that the preschool and day care center is usually open from 8 am to 10 pm on all days except Sunday.On the precautions to be taken henceforth, Sethi, added, “It was a long day for us as we were on the spot since morning. We will think about precaution measures to be taken in the future. We are simply happy that no one was injured.”CONFLICTS IN THE CITYSeptember 30, 2017Two women are attacked by a leopard, suspected to be behind five other attacks, in Aarey Colony.August 21, 2016 A leopard attacks and kills a man near Tokawade, Shahpur, Thane.August 20, 2016 A leopard attacks and kills 52-year-old Barku Bhoir while he was grazing cattle in the Palu-Sonavale dam area.August 15, 2016 A female leopard attacks Vasant Irim, a resident of Amgaon, Talasari who later died.October 11, 2015 A four-year-old girl from Kamtipada in Thane district died after she was attacked by a leopard when she was asleep in her open house.January 13, 2015 A fast-moving car rammed into two leopards, killing one, while they were crossing the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.October 2013 Seven-year-old Prakash Salunkhe, who was on his way home from Aarey municipal school, was killed after a leopard attacked him.October 2013 A leopard mauled four-year-old Hiya Mhase while she was out answering nature’s call close to her house at Khadakpada in Aarey colony.January 2013 Ten-year-old Saurabh Yadav was killed by a leopard at Adarsh Nagar in Aarey when he was answering nature’s call.January 2013 Vinod Hadal, an 18-year-old from Moroshi Pada in Thane district, was attacked by a leopard.November 2012 Sitabai Paage, 50, a resident of Moroshi Pada in Thane district, was killed by a leopard when she stepped out of her house at night to relieve herself.Compiled by DNA — Research N Archives

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Leopard’s day out at Andheri preschool