In Delhi, almost three murders were sparked every month either due to an illicit relationship or a love affair at an average, out of the total 479 murders reported from the city in 2016. Delhi ranks first with 21.8 per cent as the Capital’s percentage share in total murders recorded in all metropolitan cities across the country.The fact was revealed in a data unveiled by the National Crime Records Bureau on Thursday. Other reasons that the data mentioned behind killings in the Capital, were personal enmity in 50 murders, property related dispute leading to 37 killings, four people were killed over water or money disputes, three due to rape and two murders were claimed by honour killings.The Capital also witnessed one death following road rage and apart from this six people were killed for robbery in 2016. The data also states that out of the total number of murder victims of 2016, 11 were below the age of six years and 14 victims were among the age group of 12 and 16 years. The highest number of murder victims targeted between the age of 18 to 30 years, was 254. Twenty senior citizens including 11 women were also killed in the city in 2016.Interestingly, at a time when the Delhi Police is seeking curbs on regulation of illegal arms in the Capital, data read that 26 victims of murders were killed by firearms, of which 21 were executed with the help of illegal unlicensed firearms. The highest number of murders by illegal firearms were reported from Uttar Pradesh at 1,302.A few weeks ago, based on Delhi Police data, DNA had reported that sudden provocation in the Capital leads to 12.60 per cent of the total crimes reported, while 22.83 per cent were sparked out of enmity.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Love, illicit affairs sparked 3 murders a month: NCRB data