<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>School education and sports department in Maharashtra has withdrawn all their previous government resolutions (GR) on awarding 25 marks to students for visual and performing arts before state board examination begins. The department had come up with new GR on Friday that shows overall 25 marks have been reduced to 15 for achievements in arts and culture.A student who is a winner at national or state-level tournaments and scholarships in classical arts will no more get 25 marks for this board examination. The extra marks will be awarded to them on the basis of the marks they score in their classical arts exam.The GR issued on Friday states that the students in classical art like dance, singing and music who secure A+ or A grade would get 10 marks, B+ 7 marks, B grade 5 marks and C grade 3 marks if they have given three exams in it through recognized institutions. Similarly 15 to 3 marks from A+ to C grade for those who have given 5 exams in recognized institutions.The new GR states that because students are awarded extra marks for their achievements in arts, there will not be 2% reservation for students in first year junior college admissions for cultural quota.The intermediate drawing examination have also been halved in this GR. Earlier, students who excelled in drawing were awarded 5 to 15 marks on the basis of grades in intermediate drawing exams. Now it has been changed so in intermediate drawing exam one who gets grade A will get 7 marks, grade B 5 marks and grade C 3 marks.To encourage students in extracurricular activities, the new GR was introduced in January by making provisional marks for students. The 25 extra marks lead in getting 100 percent results to many students in this year March board examination, which is why the changes in marks have been made in the new GR introduced on Saturday by state education department.

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Maharashtra lowers extra marks for students with singing, dancing skills to 15 from 25