<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>While levying of toll on the proposed 701-km-long Mumbai Nagpur Expressway is going to burn pocket of motorists, a preliminary traffic report Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) executing the Expressway, has revealed that majority of the passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles plying between Mumbai and Nagpur don’t mind paying toll if the proposed 701-km-long Mumbai Nagpur Expressway is constructed. The proposed toll on the Expressway is Rs 2.5 per km for small vehicle and Rs 6.5 per km for heavy vehicle. The toll amount for the entire journey for small vehicle will be Rs 1,775 and for heavy vehicle Rs 4,615.However, to gauge the mind of motorists who ply on this route, a willingness to pay survey was conducted to ask motorists whether they would prefer paying toll if Mumbai Nagpur Expressway is constructed. The willingness to pay survey measures the potential demand for services by asking road users that whether they will prefer a particular facility or service if it were offered at a particular price, against another existing facility or service. According to MSRDC, in the survey conducted, a clear picture about the advantages like savings in travel time, operation and maintenance costs and toll were given to the respondents. The traffic report prepared by MSRDC, reads, “It is observed that the share of passenger vehicles expressed their willingness to shift varied from 50 to 80%, from the potential divertible lot whereas that for commercial vehicles the shift varied from 60 to 90%.” It further, reads, “However, these observations cannot be considered as an indication of actual shift to the proposed new expressway, as the route choices at a different time will be governed by various other factors.”The traffic survey also reveals that traffic on the proposed Expressway varies according to the attraction and generation points. The highest traffic volume are on the sections which are close to Nagpur, Jalna, Aurangabad, Nashik and Mumbai, which are the most important and major urban and industrial areas along the proposed Expressway. The MSRDC is currently in the process of acquiring land for the project. The corridor is expected to reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Nagpur to 10 hours from the current 15-17 hours.


Majority of motorists agree on paying to toll for plying on proposed Mumbai Nagpur Expressway: MSRDC