<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A Kalachowky based 56 year old Sunil Shah, was denied bail by the Sessions court after the prosecution was successful in showing the court that the accused got a minor boy from Bihar to Mumbai on pretext of giving him medical treatment and had forced him to get into domestic work.The court while denying bail to the man said, Prima facie there is evidence to show that a boy aged seven years who is handicapped by his hand was brought from Bihar under the pretext of medical treatment and education, taking advantage of his poor financial condition and he was doing household work in the house of accused, thus denied bail.The boy in his statement claimed that he was asked to help in the domestic house hold work and was forced to do it. The prosecution in its case said that the accused had brought the boy to Mumbai with an intention of providing him education as well as medical assistance, but he was provided with neither of them.The defence however was of the claim that the child was never forced into any domestic work, however he voluntarily used to help in the house hold work.The prosecution denied the fact that the accused had intentions of they providing the child with education as non of the family members had any knowledge of the birth details of the child, which thus rules out the defence’s claim of they getting the child to Mumbai with an intention to educate him.

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Man accused of keeping disabled boy as ‘domestic help’, denied bail