Battling a blaze on the elevated monorail corridor may not be effective, the city’s fire brigade has said in a report on its probe into last month’s fire at Mysore Colony station. The Mumbai Fire Brigade began an investigation after a fire broke out in an empty coach in Mahul on November 9. Since then, the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority has suspended the monorail services.In its report, a copy of which has been accessed by DNA, the fire brigade has said that the procedures laid down by the operator to fight fires appear effective only on paper. It says certain locations on the route are inaccessible, and raises concern about commuters’ safety during a fire. The report has recommended measures for fire prevention, including installation of automatic fire extinguishers under each car. City’s Chief Fire Officer P S Rahangdale said the problem can get worse if people are stranded on the elevated corridor. “Monorail has poor accessibility to roads due to its geographical conditions.”When it comes to fire, transport expert Sudhir Badami said, monorail is more dangerous compared with the metro. “The chances of fatalities are highest as coaches being smaller the fire will spread faster.”

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Monorail system not effective to tackle blazes: Fire brigade report