On Monday morning, trains on Harbour line were affected after metal rods were found on tracks. There were three huge metal rods – which has a quadrangular base on one end – found lying on the rail track and across the sleepers. This could have surely proven dangerous for trains, as worse come to worse, it could have resulted in derailment too.This incident came to light at around 7.30 am when the motorman of a local train, heading towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, saw these three long metal rods lying on tracks. It could have easily hit the wheels and base of the train, which could have resulted in derailment.The train was near Masjid station and was heading for CSMT when this incident occurred. The motorman then picked up these three rods and took it to CSMT. It was kept outside the motorman chamber at the concourse of the station.In January this year, 380 kgs and seven meters long metal rod was kept on rail track blocking the entire line, at Diva. Five people were later arrested for the offence by the railway police. Services on Western Railway were also affected between 8-8.30 am due to a case of trespassing accident at Vile Parle. Due to this, trains ran almost 20 minutes late during morning peak hours.
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Yogi Adityanath


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Mumbai: Metal rods found on Harbour line train tracks interrupting peak hour commute