<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Parents of St Joseph High School of New Panvel is planning to protest in December month if the Panvel’s Khandeshwar police will not register case under capitation fee act against the school for over charging the school fees.The parents of St Joseph High School, sector 7, have written a letter to the police official of Khandeshwar police station on 26 November. The parent in a letter have requested the police to file an FIR under Capitation Fee Act 1988 against their school for overcharging the school fees from the parents.Gaurav Kadam, parent of St. Joseph High School, said, “Since 2006 the school is being increasing the school fees every year. If the FIR is registered against the school, then the school will have to pay Rs 50,000 upto one lakh rupees to each parent which is the extra money school has taken from the parents.”However, the St. Joseph High School officials when contacted refused to comment on the issue claiming they have no idea about this matter.Ravindra Kalambekar, parent of St. Joseph High school said, “If the FIR is not registered then we have mentioned in letter to police station that we will protest in front of police station. We have letter copy from education department that the school from year 2006 till 2014 never taken education department’s permission before making fee hike in school.”Anubha Sahai, President, India Wide Parents Association, said, “I will support this parent and participate in their protest even if am not parent of their school. Because this thing is happening across India where parents are being charged more fees. The FIR against this school will help many parents.”The police officials are currently investigating the matter and seeking expert opinions on the fee hike. “I am not expert about the topic on which allegations are made by the parents. Hence we have sent the letter to district education officer of primary in Alibagh to ask whether parents are over charged school fees by school and if yes, we will see whether if there is any provision that a case can be registered against the school under capitation fee act,” said Yogesh More, senior inspector, Khandeshwar police station.

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Mumbai: Parents plan to protest over school fee hike; St Joseph High School says ‘not aware of issue’