<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In an exclusive interview with Zee Business, veteran BJP leader Yashwant Sinha said that he is not perturbed by the “rubbish’ that is being said about him and the biggest worry before him is what the party will tell voters when they are asked where the promised jobs and what happened to Acche Din.In a revealing interview, when asked that he was being seen as hobnobbing with Chidambaram and criticized for his failure as Finance Minister, Sinha said, “I agree that I was a failed Finance Minister and we had to bear the brunt of it, but my scrutiny has already been done. Now, the current government is under scrutiny. The question is, what has this government done or doing?”Sinha has likened the effort to berate him as flogging of a dead horse. Conceding that he had several major differences with Chidambaram and vice versa, Sinha said, “It does not mean that we won’t agree on an issue.Chidambaram has raised questions about the joblessness so did your channel on jobless growth. I have also said the same thing, but it unnecessarily created a furore,”said Sinha.The former Fi nance Minister said his criticism was in sync with what Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in 2016 — that strong criticism of the government and its policies was very important to keep the government on a tight leash.”After I did so dutifully, I am being accused of seeking a job at the age of 80,”said Sinha, adding that he will not stoop to this level and allow the discussion on economy to be derailed by making it a personal fight.He said that most of the scams, including 2G, against the Congress government, were exposed by them through the JPC and other parliamentary committees.”I was made to head six committees by Advaniji, and with 6 other BJP members, we highlighted so many scams. But, if no scam is happening now, it does not mean that everything is hunky dory,”said Sinha.He dubbed the controversies arising after his article as government’s effort to hide the burning issues by colouring it as a personal enmity between him, his son (Jayant Sinha) and Arun Jaitley.”I’ll not got down to their low level and argue with them to settle personal score,”said Sinha.

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My biggest worry is what the party will tell its voters: Yashwant Sinha