<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Come September and for Mumbai-based Kamath family, it is that time of the year that they look forward to the most. The Navdurga (nine forms of Goddess Durga), which the family members fervently worship, has not just been a saviour for the family but has also blessed their friends and relatives abundantly.The Kamaths, who now live in Dahisar, arrived in the city in 1953. Unlike other members of the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) community, the family never observed Navratri but it was the year 1953 that changed a number of things for them.”It was during Navratri that my grandmother’s family moved to the city. Back then, it was a huge family of at least 14-16 people. Since they all managed to reach safely from Mangalore, she decided to start celebrating the festival and thank Navdurga for her guidance and blessing,” said Suparna Kamath, daughter-in-law of the household. “I, too, come from a GSB family. However, in my house, we never performed such Pujas during Navratri. I only witnessed this when I came here,” added Suparna, who is a homemaker in the family of six.Since then, the Kamaths also revel in the joy that a few wishes of their friends have also been fulfilled.”A friend of mine could not conceive for a long time. It was on a visit to our place when they prayed to Navdurga for her blessing. The couple were soon blessed with a child,” claimed Sameer Kamath, Suparna’s husband, who runs a printing business.The Kamaths switched from a photograph to an idol in the year 1973 when they decided to celebrate the festival elaborately. “My father got an idol of the goddess. Since then we have been using the same one,” said Kamath. As part of their sacrifice, the family abstains from rice during the nine days and also perform their prayers without a priest.

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Navratri Special: Navratri, a season of blessings for this Mumbai family