<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Politicians got into the festive spirit ahead of Dussehra celebrations, and on Saturday, many of them were seen patronising some of the oldest Ramleelas in the Capital.The Lav-Kush Ramleela Committee saw BJP president Amit Shah Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and John Abraham as some of the special attendees, while Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, along with his mother Sonia, and former PM Manmohan Singh attended the Nav Shri Dharmik Lila Committee.These two Ramleelas are among the four biggest and oldest of the Capital and both enjoy high attendance each year, thanks to the entry being free. The Lav Kush Ramleela committee is famous for engaging Members of Parliament and celebrities as characters in the theatrical enactment of the Ramayana. Even Manoj Tiwari and Vijay Sampla have often been seen in performances.Apart from this, veteran actors such as Raja Murad, who played Kumbhkaran, Ravi Kishan as Naradh Muni, Asrani as Ahiravan, Shahbaz Khan as Meghnath, Mukesh Rishi as Ravanaz, are few of the names from Bollywood, who have played characters here from the Ramayana.Organisers say that around 300 actors have participated in this Ramayana.On the other hand, the Nav Shri Dharmik Committee is more traditional and insists that performers follow all rituals and traditions. Actors who play the main characters are required to fast for all nine days of Navratras. Also, after applying makeup and changing their avatar, they are not allowed to look into a mirror.According to estimates, the budget of any major Ramleela starts from Rs 80-90 lakh.The Delhi Police grant permission to an average of 250 Ramleela committees every year.IN THE CAPITALRamleelas in Delhi began around 350 years ago when Mughal king Shahjahan built Shahjahanaba which known as Old Delhi today
The oldest Ramila, Dharmik Committee, was established in 1924 at Madhavas Park, it turned 94 this year
It is popular for having ourPMs and presidents as special guests for the occasion
Elected PMs, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nehru, Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi, have all attended the Ramleela


Politicos turn up to watch Ramleela on Dussehra